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This video-graphic work is produced for research/teaching purposes only, in accordance with fair use/ fair dealing policies. 
All my video-essays can also be seen directly on my VIMEO CHANNEL 

Video Essays
R(AGE): Aging and Raging in the cinemas of the Global South
A kiss is not just a kiss: Luis Rubiales, Jenni Hermoso, and the sound of sealed lips
The Accented Sound of Camp
Presboempathic Visuality: Soft Focus and Old Age
Filling (Feeling) the Archival Void: the case of Helena Cortesina's Flor de España
Dancing as Defiance
Improbable Dialogisms or the Art of Flying
Emily Dickinson: Who are you?
Emily Dickinson, Germaine Dulac, and Gender Violence
Emily Dickinson Translated into Color
Dickinson - Dulac
Dickinson - Giallanella
Emily Dickinson –  Remedio Varo, Ángeles Santos, Maruja Mallo- Death
Un giorno speciale Take 3: The Survivor
Un giorno speciale Take 2: The Mother
Un giorno speciale Take 1: The End
The Wrinkle of Film
Pandemic Kucha (A PechaKucha on Fernando Meirelles' «The Constant Gardener»)
Love in the Time of Coronavirus: A Pandemigraph
What is an Accented Videoessay? Who has the authority to speak?
Silence and Words: Voice-over and Trauma in Coixet & Campion
TV Dictionary - Marcella
TV Dictionary - Last Tango in Halifax
TV Dictionary - Unbelievable
TV Dictionary - BABY
TV Dictionary - BLOB
Gloria and the aging woman's laughter: an epigraph (2019)
Empowering the Accent: an (accented) video essay
Cuadecuc Video-Assaig Vampir
Blade Runner 1982: Watching Rachael and Deckard 40 years later
Once Upon A Screen: That Moment
Hand Stacking: Caressing Agnès Varda
Indy Vinyl for the masses —Gloria
Breaking the silence and singing
Being dolls (or not)
Queering Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
Singing Rage: Shakira and Rocío
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