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The Accented Sound of Camp


Published in Zeitschrift für Medienwissenschaft 

Building on my previous research on non-traditional voiceover in videographic criticism, I use Ridley Scott's House of Gucci (2021) as a pretext to discuss the political implications of the employment of the (Italian) accent in Hollywood cinema, and to experiment with various forms of voiceover, exploring the ideological dimensions they encompass.

«It is insightful, entertaining and highly inventive, experimenting with a diverse range of videographic techniques and forms of voiceover» 
                                               Ariel Avissar

                                               Video maker and media scholar —Tel Aviv University

«This video essay builds off her previous work on the subject of the accented video essay, with a once again playful and creative, as well as thought-provoking result»
                                               Libertad Gills
                                               Filmmaker, videoessayist, researcher and critic —Università Svizzera italiana

«Overflowing with ideas and hilarious moments, this personal multi-part investigation of Italian accents in American mainstream cinema feels a lot shorter than it actually is.»

Oswald Iten
Film scholar, video essayist —Lucerne School of Art and Design

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